Hello World! Welcome to my website.

Hi there, and welcome to my website!

This blog post is to sum up what inspired me to start this blog, and for me to get used to the ~markdown formatting~

So, why was I inspired to start this blog?

The idea came to me when I was working on an issue relating to a feature of InTune, I was Googling away trying to find the resolution to my issue and could find very little documentation or discussion around it.

I thought to myself - instead of sitting there thinking:
“Why is no-one out there discussing this? Am I the only one facing this issue? I guess I will never know…”

Why don’t I be the change I want to see in the world! I should start my own tech-blog to document my obscure findings, share my awesome scripts and vent my frustrations (which there are no shortage of).

Being that change

So I knew that I wanted to start this blog, but alas, I had no domain or any idea how to develop a blog.

Eventually I had come up with my domain name, purchased it and organised my own web host, but then… what next?

Much like Azure and Office 365 web development standards are rapdily changing, and I was sure that everything web devvy I had learned many a year ago would be obsolete by now.

So I reached out to my dear friend Alex Billson who is much more knowledgable in front and backend web development (Check him out - he’s amazing at what he does) who recommended that I use a static site generator called Jekyll.

After getting Ruby (eugh) setup on my computer, I spent a few hours becoming re-aquanited with Markdown, tweaking my site and writing this post.

So here we are now, what next?

I plan to keep this blog updated with any cool findings that I think will be of benefit to other IT Admins and Engineers.

I do not have any schedule that I plan to follow in terms of uploading new content. However, at work I am regularly writing new scripts, finding neat products and product features and randomly stumbling accross things worth sharing.

I will keep this blog updated with anything that I find, and hopefully it can be of use to you!

(And, if you read this far… Thank you! :D)