Windows Virtual Desktop - FSLogix Profile Quota Reached

Lately I have been playing around with the amazing Windows Virtual Desktop.

In the short time since WVD has been made Generally Avaliable, I’ve had the joy of deploying WVD to two clients already and for the most part it’s gone quite smoothly!

As part of our WVD deployments we’ve harnessed the power of the recently acquired FSLogix, which has addressed the never-ending question of how to deal with the local Outlook cache in a terminal server/VDI environment (along with many other benefits).

However, I have ran into one unexpected issue with FSLogix…

Disk Quotas?

After roughly 1 day of having users running acceptance testing on my WVD hosts I started to have reports of strange issues, things like insufficient resources, mail failing to load in Outlook, not being able to send emails from Outlook, etc.

I had to sanity check myself, and found that my WVD host had plenty of space on the C: drive, and confirmed I could write files to the local disk.

I noticed that the users VHD was sitting just shy of 30GB, and scratching my head I wondered if quotas could be to blame.

I confirmed no quotas were set in my FSLogix Group Policy Objects, or on the folder/share itself.

I returned to my FSLogix GPOs to enable logging:

After logging-in as a user I dug through the logs, and sure enough:

I was utterly perplexed as I never configured a quota on any of my Group Policy settings, or anywhere in the realm of FSLogix.

So How Do We Work Around The Quota?

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any quota configuration settings anywhere in FSLogix’s documentation on MS, the Registry configuration reference or their ADMX Templates.

This meant I had to manually expand the VHDX files for each profile disk.

To do so, I first ran the following set of DISKPART commands from elevated CMD:

expand vdisk maximum=[DESIRED DISK SPACE IN MEGABYTES] 
attach vdisk
list volume (Find the relevant volume ID)
select volume [RELEVANT VOLUME ID]
detach vdisk

You could also extend the volume size via Disk Management MMC Snap-In if you’d prefer.


Your user now has an extended FSLogix Profile Disk, and should no longer be plagued with any more storage constraints for now.

(Please be mindful of leaving the VHDX files attached after extending, if the VHDX remains attached to the server it will fail to mount on logon)

Extending the VHDX is more a temporary workaround to get the effected users working again.

I have started a discussion on the MSDN Forums for FSLogix to address this issue.

Hopefully they can let us know how to permanently remove the quotas soon 😄